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Shaped Rear Number Plates

What does your rear look like?


Have you ever been driving down the road and seen the car in front's number plate, the plate that looks out of place in the part of the car where it is designed to go. Some people just do not care, while other people go to great lengths to make their rear end look appealing!


Over the years we have taken numerous calls from people wanting a number plate to fit in the housing of the car. For years Rover 75's and Jaguar X and S types had there own unique shaped number plate. Have you ever wanted one for your car? Lots of people do, but many plate makers will not entertain anything unusual. Why? Too much effort, Takes too long, or simply can't be bothered? Well not here! We at Craigsplates go out of our way to cut your plate to suit the car, it may take 15 working days to turn around, and we may even ask for a template, but you can guarantee the end result will be worth it!


We already keep some special shaped plates for:


Car Brand Picture Max Measurements Notes
Aston Martin DB9
Aston Martin Vanquish
Daihatsu Copen Reg over 2 lines
Jaguar S Type
Jaguar X Type
Jaguar XJ Type
Lexus IS250 & 220 Picture of Plate

Lexus RX Picture of Plate may fit LS models as well
Mercedes Shaped
PT Cruiser (2000-2005) Picture of Plate
PT Cruiser (2007+)
Range Rover Sport Picture of Plate 620mm x 150mm
Rover 75 Will also fit some Ford Focus's and MG's
Toyota Previa
Mazda Eunos 375mm x 175mm Square but exact measurements!


You car not listed? Let us help you make the plate for your car. Simply draw the shape on a large piece of paper, and we will cut you out a plate. This will take 3 weeks, but well worth the wait.