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Self Adhesive Number Plates

Self-adhesive number plates for the bonnet of your car!

These number plates are reflective, and pass BSAU145d reflection tests; the characters are cut to the correct size and font, ie New Charles Wright. The height is 79mm and the spacing is correct as per DVLA requirements. However, these plates are NOT road legal!


We believe that because these number plates use to be sold in kit form in shops, it meant people could make their own plates. DVLA did not want the consumer making their own plates as the room for error was greater! Pre-September 2001 these plates were always seen as ‘acceptable’. However, since the change in legislation people have become more conscious of putting them on their car.

I have written a full article about this on our forum click here to view this article

We sell these plates ready made for you, and in three different colours – white (front), yellow, (rear generally for trailer boards and caravans), and black for vintage (pre 1973).

They also come in various options – we do like to give the customer some choice!

White self adhesive plate with black Edge, as per picture below (standard)

Self adhesive plate

Yellow self adhesive plate with black edge, (trailer or caravan)

Yellow self adhesive plate with no edging

Black plate with white letters (vintage)

Black plate with silver letters (vintage)

We also offer any of the above plates without edging cut to any size (to fit your chosen space)

To download instructions on how to fit self adhesive plates to your car.

To order these plates, please go on to our plate builder , once there just follow the questions asked (remember that a self-adhesive plate is a showplate), and you will end up with the correct plate. I.E. To order a front stick on plate select Car => Show plate => Front plate => self adhesive plate => white/yellow. This will open the correct page in the platemaker.

Also please note : ALL self adhesive plates will be made using the font NEW Charles Wright (post September 2001), if you want the old style font (Charles Wright), then please tick the notes section and state your requirements in there. What's the difference? The old style font is fatter and will fit a plate end to end if you have a full 7 characters without any 1's or I's. New Charles Wright is slimmer to allow for a badge to be put on the plate - the so called Euro Plate!