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Modified Motors Live - Cork 19th July 2009

We are trading at the Modified Motors Live show in Cork this weekend, so if you need new plates, come and pay us a visit.  You will be able to  select your plate, and watch it being made to the specification you require, any badge, font, border or slogan. You are able to view as we design your plate, or those of others who are before you in the queue!  


We sell a large range of import size plates, bike plates and car plates together with fixings.


We also have on board a large range of accessories, so if you do forget your digital camera or mobile phone, you can purchase your disposable camera from us! We also have True Utility products, batteries, key rings, sell a large selection of stickers.


Need a key cut? We have a huge selection of key blanks, for almost EVERY vehicle, from motorbike to car, motorhome to caravan, trucks, housekeys, disabled toilet keys. We also sell and engrave pet discs.


So please, come to the show, have a fantastic day out, and more importantly, come and say hello to Craig and Beverley.