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Horse Name Plates

Give your horse a treat with our special Horse Nameplate. All you need to do is email a good quality picture (face shot) of your horse, and we will put him or her on a number plate. This looks great on a stable door, or any wall and will last forever! These are waterproof and reflective. We know that you will love these from the owners we have made these for already.


Horse Name Plate


How to order:


Firstly goto our plate builder and build your plate builder by clicking here select from the list car plates/showplates/a front plate/acrylic/white/yellow. enter the horse name in the registration field, (if it does not fit simply click on the notes section on the lower left of the page and enter in horse name here as well), select any borders, and text at the bottom of the plate, and from the badges section select - emailing Horse Face. After you have done this, click place your order, and select white polytop screws if you want to fix to a barn door from the fixings page. you can then checkout, or add another horse plate to the list.


Once that is done and you have placed your order goto our contact us page, and at the bottom of the page you can attach us a file, attach the file of the horse you want printed on the plate. We may crop this for a better fit.