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We can now press authentic French number plates. We have had all the equipment from France shipped over, and keep the F banded plate. The plates used in France are die pressed aluminium plates. So not only Will they last forever, they look really good as well! 


French Classic Plate

Add a touch of class to your Citroen, Peugeot or Renault with these show plates.  We now have built a dedicated website for these plates www.french-number-plates.com, or you can order on this site. To order on this site please follow these simple instructions. Click here to order your plates and then select from the list:


Plates are for a ----->  (CAR)

Then select -----> (SHOW PLATES)

Then select ----->  (PAIR) for front and back,

Then select if you want a spare rear plate - or hit continue just for a pair.

Then please select -----> (METAL FOR BOTH FRONT AND REAR)

Then just select -----> (WHITE/YELLOW) if you want standard style.

Once the plate builder loads, just select "FRENCH NUMBER PLATES" From the plate list, type in your registration, and then select the French badge from the drop down list.

Click Picture for a bigger picture

Order Page french

A word of warning! Unlike UK and most countries, France has many different font styles. The Font on the plates above is  using our French Font, which is sold to over 500 Outlets in France. And the makers of this Font, (one of the largest producers of number plate components in the world) only produce this Font for France. To see an outline of all the letters and numbers in the French font click here


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French Car Number Plate Examples

French Car Plates French Plates French Car Plates
French Plates

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