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American Number Plates

American Number Plates - NOW AVAILABLE California Plate

There is so much information about American number plates that we have had to build a dedicated website just for American Plates. Here you will find all the information you will ever need



I have a passion for American cars and number plates (I often visit Texas throughout the year) and thought I'd give you as much information as possible before you buy American sized number plates from us. Unlike most cars the American car has the space to fit one size number plate usually 12" x 6".


A 12" x 6" plate should not be used on European vehicles, only on American Registered (Imported) ones. However, you cannot display a traditional American plate as the font etc is incorrect. Please check in your country if you can use a American Style Plate. 


We are still searching for the dies to enable us to personalise a plate, but we will be starting with a full set of foils, to enable us to colour the letters to match the font colour of the state you may be after. We also have a full range of frames to hold the 12x6" plate. Please note if you have a plate frame yourself, it may obscure part of the plate, so you are best to send the frame into us, or a template of your frame as there is a huge possibility that your registration will be cut off top, bottom or the sides, as every frames is different! There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful Chevrolet, complete with an expensive metal frame driving around with the registration cut off at the top and bottom - guys it looks poor.


 We can also produce vintage 12x6" plates, these are made in the same fashion, however the plate is black, and will have silver or white letters on it. Also a great range of state plates, like Texas, California, Florida, Hawaii, Arizona and many more.. Just visit the website for all the information.