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1mm Sticky Pads
1mm Sticky Pads Product Description

1 set contains 3 self-adhesive pads.

Usually the rear number plate is mounted directly to a vehicle panel. If this panel is flat simply position three pads on the back of the number plate, remove the protective paper and press into position. Pads are supplied in two thicknesses, 1mm and 6mm.

The 6mm may be used in a situation where the plate has to be spaced away from the surface to aviod obstructions. We always reccommend 6mm sticky pads for metal plates.



Instructions For Fitting


1. Clean all wax and dirt from fixing area, and reverse of number plate.

2. The spacer pad must be checked to make sure that it accommodates the slight curves on some mounting surfaces and projections on others.

3. Apply three pads in position to reverse of number plate.

4. Remove protective film from pads, press plate firmly into position. Hold for ten seconds to ensure good contact.

Adhesive fixers are designed to bond to painted metal surfaces. Bonding to other materials is not recommended.

Price: €1.50