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Silver LED Scrolling Car Number Plate Frame
Silver LED Scrolling Car Number Plate Frame Product Description


Frames Size: 536mm x 156mm

This is a European Scrolling License plate frame. Flash Frames are an incredible new accessory for any car! Featuring a lit, scrolling message display built into a license plate frame. Flash Frames allow you to express yourself while on the road or stuck in traffic.

Simply create and enter up to 7 messages (up to 120 characters in length each) using the included wireless remote control. Then select from 5 different scroll speeds. The 6th Message will scroll from top to bottom.

The super-bright red LEDs ensure that your message is seen day or night.

You can announce to everyone on the road that you're a fan of your Football Club, advertise your business or tell the person behind you they don't know the first thing about safely operating a car!

Change the statement as often as you change your mood!

Simply connect 2 wires (Power and Ground) to your vehicle's electrical system and you are ready to go! You can connect so that the Flash Frame is on whenever the ignition is on, or only comes on when you hit your brakes.




Price: €12.99